Sunday, October 7

How Big?

When it comes to brooches, you just cannot deny that big and bold takes on a special definition when talking about vintage costume jewelry.  Big pins were IT in many decades 1880s ~ 1940s ~ 1960s ~ 1970s ~ you pick.  Whether they were simple flowing designs, gemstone studded or rhinestone bling - the bigger the better!

All of these brooches are in the Etsy shop Pins Section.  I re-shot each of these pins on a dress form shoulder to give a better perspective of just how big big can get!  Come see where fashion jewelry designers of today pull their inspirations from - good ol' vintage costume jewelry!

Wednesday, October 3

Winter's Charm

Oh the delight of little girls clothing from the late Victorian era!  Years ago I made a wonderful purchase of antiques including some childrens clothing from a local estate here is western New York.  Our winters were snowy and cold in the late 1800s.  Wearing quilted or stuffed clothing and accessories was a must.

This little girls bonnet is a treasure and was just listed at my Etsy shop.  I absolutely love the rich, thick chocolate brown velvet!  The little ribbons at the top just add the right touch of little Miss feminine charm.  From what I can tell, it is completely hand sewn.  Probably a pound of momma's love in each and every stitch!
Victorian Girl's Winter Bonnet
Bonnet side and back views