Friday, November 22

Small Business Giants!

Saturday, 11/30, is dedicated to small business owners around the country.  Nice.  But what does that really mean?  I've worked as a sole proprietress for over 35 years and it boggles me that this "small business" has survived at all!   Here's a few of the things I've come to know and I bet I'm not alone:

♥ you've gotta be nuts to start- or so full of passion you just can't resist
♥ you will work with a load you never thought you could possibly carry - and yet you do
♥ if you work from home, you have the best CEO PJ wardrobe on earth
♥ your hat rack includes at least 10 caps to survive, 20 to really thrive
♥ the office fairy rarely shows up to clean
♥ if you have family - you know they come first - even when they don't think they do
♥ a buying trip or show trip can be the best vacation ever
♥ the gal Friday rarely shows up for the bookkeeping
♥ the process of mental creativity knows no time clock
♥ you probably never thought you'd become a professional photographer
♥ you laugh when the business surveys ask how many employees the business has and start with 1--4
♥ you know more about social networking and marketing than most
♥ the best bottom line for my financial statement is a smile
♥ you will never go hungry because you've learned how to survive
♥ flexibility means more than bending
♥ the cleaning lady is underpaid
♥ friends around the world are as close as a keyboard ~ anytime
♥ small business people always care and support each other.

Yeah - Happy Small Business Day!!

Monday, November 18

What's in a Fabric?

Absolutely everything!

Understanding the nature of the textiles that surround every single aspect of your daily life is truly important in our modern times.  Our antique textiles of Linen (Flax), Cotton, Wool, and Silk seem simple compared to the massive industrialized fiber industry today.   Consumer awareness is crucial to understand the potential chemistry you are rubbing on your skin.

There following is from a great article on EcoWatch
The clothes we wear and the textiles they are made from can damage the environment and make us sick. Good thing there are some eco-friendly alternatives. Check out these seven fabrics, courtesy of Green America

Saturday, November 2

Costume Jewelry Theft

In support of my friends at CJCI - please review this post for details and pictures about the theft of costume jewelry items at the Costume Jewelry Collectors International convention Warwick, Rhode Island (October 25-27 2013).