Wednesday, November 17

The Sleeping Pearls

As a young woman, I had the fun and privilege to work in my mother's small jewelry store.  It was the hometown variety where they knew all their customers and there was barely enough room for more than 3 people at a time in that store!  The owners, Bill and Jo, did 95% of the repair work - nothing was sent out.  They bought for their clientele and always taught about what they stocked.  I loved that little store.  Guess it's why I love vintage costume jewelry so much!

One group of inventory that they carried was the beautiful costume jewelry which used cultured pearls in them. 

The size of the pearl was much larger than what you find today.  This genre of pearl jewelry is a sleeper bargain in today's vintage market. 

I just listed these two pins which are non precious gold tone metals but beautiful cultured pearl accents at my Etsy shop.   Either would make a great holiday gift and will come to you gift boxed!

If you want to learn more about the production and history of pearls, I have a favorite website in  They include an resource section on the History of Pearls.  Great information to bookmark in your references.