Saturday, August 20

Mixed Mind - Oh yes

Sitting on my back deck today, I'm thinking that many of my online vintage friends must think I've totally lost my mind... can't make a decision.... don't know which way I'm headed.   Well, in some respects that's probably right but not the full story.

Going through the cancer process this year had a profound impact on my attitude, opinions and life agenda.  I am healthy and expect to stay that way for a long time coming!  But my heart spirit has been forever adjusted.   Thank God!  One key that I have embodied is that the only matter that really matters is that I always move to my joy and Love first!  All else will follow from that when I allow the flow.

Sound a little selfish?  Not at all.  For the first time in my 66 yrs walking this earth, I have come to understand that there is only one pathway regardless of how many twists and turns it might take.  Surely yours will look a bit different than mine.  Being true to your own heart is being honest with your highest power - however one might choose to define "that".   I realize I can't change the world by my actions alone but I can create the world that I want live.  I'm ready and willing to accept my Good.'s this relate to my antiques business?   I've come to know that I love working with people in all forms.  Serving to connect kindred spirits with their joyful wants and wishes is such a heart tickler!  It truly makes my heart sing.  While I was offline for over 2 months I felt a void that I kept saying, "oh you're just adjusting.... give it time."  Whenever I walked past my office with all the trinkets and textiles I'd go "gotta do something... gotta do some thing!  They need a new home."  Options seemed exhausting to my physical capabilities. Then lightbulb moment: Lets have an online shop - oh wait... I do have an online shop!

So for me the pressure seems to have melted away and as always, that too is part of the process.  Everything feels different and yet the same all in one breath.  Getting retired is not the same goal because basically I am retired!  LOL.  It's just that I want to keep connecting with my fullest circle potential and that includes all my online vintage life friends too.

So, expect some breaks in the shop here and there as I continue to explore with my heart, camper and kayak.  But I'll be around, until sometime when I'm somewhere else - and that too is exactly where I belong.

Saturday, August 13

Rag Rugs

I have several old rag rugs for sale at super low prices on Etsy - stock up for resale, decorating in country chic or for craft carpet bag material! 

I love the way these old rugs are just stuffed with hidden mysteries of materials!   Looking at the multi color ones especially if fun to pick out the old patterns in clothing.

The last one (lower right) has breaks at the end so you have choices: 1) shorten it a bit, or 2) use this as fabric to make a unique OOAK carpet bag!