Tuesday, August 13

Ahhh... Lace

A very long time ago, I started buying laces and doilies because they intrigued me. Starting an antiques business on a shoe string budget meant I had to buy "small things" and often in lots. It was the lace that grabbed my attention and heart! It has been fun digging into some of my storage boxes and re-discovering the treasures I accumulated!  It's so easy to get lost in them :)

 Last week I pulled several items and gave them the gentle cleaning and sunning they deserved. It is so satisfying to see old starched and aged laces come to life again!!

Here is just a sneak peak of what was in just one box.

The lace boxes will take lots of time to work through so I invite you to check in now and then!  This will be a fun, long term project just like the days of accumulating them all.

Friday, August 2

Destash Beads

Working with "little things"and jewelry parts has always intrigued me.  But it's time to get real and let the vast hoard of vintage beads and things loose for others to play with!   I'm stocking up the Fragments store sections in time for holiday gift making and shows.  Here is a quick look at some of the vintage beads listed.