Thursday, November 15

Inspiring Trinkets

Being a fabric freak for way so many years, there are bits and pieces in my stash that my family just doesn't seem to understand!  They have no clue as to why I cherish and store my old textile remnants!  You can mess with the basement but don't you dare touch my storage building of fabric! LOL

I often say, I'm only the temporary Keeper.  That's my job.  So recently I broke ties with a wonderful piece of wool plaid fabric.  Each time I felt it I thought of "something" to become of it but had no inclination of what that might be.   I guess because of the upcoming holiday season where red and green prevail, I knew it was time to list this great remnant.  Etsy crafters and designers have way more ideas than I do!

Well much to my delight, I received a message from the buyer and she showed me what became of some of the fabric. What a treat!  Totally unique and clever design.  And to boot, the shop, UpscaleDownhome, was chosen for Etsy Finds!  

Now that makes a Keeper's heart very happy! 

Monday, November 5

Nostalgic Aprons

I think most women over 40 immediately think about pretty aprons when it comes to holiday seasons like we are entering now.  Images of grandma, mom or auntie in the kitchen cooking up a storm always includes her being in some kind of utilitarian or fancy apron!  Every era has it's unique flavor.

My own mom hardly wore aprons during the year.  She was a full time working lady most of the years I can remember and aprons were not part of the scene on a daily basis.  But come turkey day and other family parties in holiday tradition, out came her favorite aprons! 

So in honor of all the warm memories of the cooking and serving moms of days gone by, here's a peek at my apron collection growing now in the Etsy shop.