Tuesday, December 27

Grandma's Thinking ...

Just like the dual life I live, today I separated this blog into two blogs!   As much as I enjoy my business world of antiques and treasures, my citizen passion is great and there are many topics to talk about that have nothing to do with antiquing.
Allow me to introduce you to my newest blog:  Grandma's Thinking...  This Grandma made a home to share and discuss important topics.  I am passionately working to spread information currently regarding fracking in general and especially for western NY state residents.  I hope you are interested in this most important economic, political, environmental issue.  Fracking affects everyone.  

I'll also be sharing thoughts from my spiritual journey and other life topics that may be familiar in your life.  Conversation is the path to understanding.  Understanding is the path to cooperation and eventually to peace and prosperity for all.

I hope the new blog will spark your thoughtful journey as well.  Come Visit!

Friday, December 2

Oh Fun!

I've thought about this for some time and today took the leap...  I just joined The Vintage Rising

The website is "dedicated to the Re-Purposing of Vintage or Antique items that might have otherwise been thrown away or discarded.  Our goal is to breath New Life back into items that have either been damaged beyond repair or just to give an outdated object a new purpose."  Thanks Lora for another great web page!

Pieces of the past have been my passion forever - whether they are in whole or in little parts!  Over 30 banana boxes full will attest to that!  My family looks at "mom's stuff" with strange eyes, but I see it all as amazing potential possibilities yet to come!   Whether I design something or you design something, it doesn't matter.  It's just my little way to keep the planet rolling green and recycling yet once again!

Stay tuned!  Me thinks there might be a need for a whole new Etsy shop to cover all this.  But for now, I'll leave it in the main store in the Trim Parts Beads Fabric department.