Saturday, April 26

The Belt Revival

Whenever I have a piece of vintage that is no longer in it's useable condition, I like to offer it up to designers and crafters to use for their inspired designs.   It's always interesting to see how other's eyes interpret and vision.    

A wonderful Victorian belt I kept stored for many years had lost pieces making it no longer suitable as a belt.  The fretwork of the metal however is mystical, detailed and just lovely.  Such a high end fashion accessory would have been a costly item in it's time! 
Well, Grandma is proud again!  That's just how I feel. I'm happy to say the belt is no longer lost to time.  The saga of this antique piece continues to live on thanks to the keen eye and talented hands of a modern day designer, Denise Hagood, Artist and owner of Blue Flax Studio

Here is one necklace she created.  It totally retains the feeling of the original belt while at the same time making it modern for any woman to wear!   I can't wait to see her future projects!  

You can find Denise on Facebook - you'll want to Like her page and watch the treasures that come forth!  I know I will.

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