Friday, February 5

future leather vintage

I have to take a step sideways today to show off an artist craftsman extraordinaire that is not an antique.  Lets just put this into the category of future vintage bags because... quite frankly.... this amazing purse will surely outlast my meager years on this planet!

Hubby bought me a very special Christmas present this year - a David Anderson hand crafted leather bag.  Originally he picked a tote bag that was just a bit too massive for my size so David kindly let us exchange it.  Lucky me because I got to add a special touch - the infinity knot, or Celtic knot, on a bag of my choice.  I love visions that represent energy and this sign is surely a classic.  

The bag arrived yesterday so Christmas came twice for me :)  and the timing couldn't have been more perfect.  I needed a pick-me-up yesterday and boy did I get one!  If you have a heart-pull to finely crafted leather works (he does more than bags)  be sure to visit this amazing craftsman's website: 

Thanks again David - your work is awesome.

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