Wednesday, September 28

Happy Cockadoodle Day!

Well thanks to the many wonderful customers... and Etsy Treasury creators... and super team members all around the website... and the Vintage, today I marked my 700th sale!  It's very exciting and confirming that focusing on just one shop can be a good move.

Something that I struggled with for over a year has proven itself:  simplifying in the internet business world is good  housekeeping.  Every new site that comes along tells me ... "We can do more for you!"  or "join us - we're the fastest growing..."   The claims always sound great and on the surface it looks like a major event.

But for any newbie in the internet business world, I have one solid piece of advice:  pick your corner and work it consistently.  Every thought and every little pebble you cast, causes ripples beyond your wildest imagination!  The more I remain focused on one store and a small handful of social networking sites, the better the sales.  Without a staff, it is just impossible to spread the time over too many places.  I refuse to work like a workaholic any more.  What is the point?  Life is too short and there are so many roses yet to smell!
So, Thank YOU! to all my followers and customers.  You make working with my vintage goodies fun!


  1. Congratulations! What a milestone to reach!

  2. Thanks Linda - I'm already dreaming up my next goal! And you have provided many valuable comments to me - also much appreciated!