Friday, October 10

Aurora Borealis

In recent days we are seeing many reports of the beautiful aurora borealis that surrounds our northern regions.  What breath taking images to behold in the night sky!

Translating that into jewelry was a most popular phenomena in the mid 20th century.  Around 1955 the Swarovski company created a process for their crystal beads and named it after these amazing Northern Lists: Aurora Borealis.  The process involved coating the bead with a thin, metallic coating to produce an iridescent effect.  The result was sparkling colors that illuminated from the wearer and her fashions.   Glimmering ice crystal beads give forth a special glow!  It didn't take long for other jewelry bead makers to copy these most popular beads.  The department store counters quickly filled with all kinds of gems.  All styles of costume jewelry and even fashion accessories were created and they remain popular to this day!

Here is a beautiful spiritual tribute to the glowing Northern Lights - this passage comes from The Daily Word which is for Friday, October 10:
I set my spirit free.

The aurora borealis, commonly known as the Northern Lights, is one of nature’s most spectacular nighttime displays. Green and red ribbons of light dance gracefully across the sky. Such phenomena remind me of the infinite grandeur of Spirit and the expansiveness of my own spiritual nature.
Spirit in me is daring and dazzling. I allow my inner radiance to express easily and naturally in creative, brilliant, and beautiful ways.
I liberate my Spirit. I set it free! And Spirit in me weaves itself gracefully through even the darkest times of my life, like a ribbon of holy light consecrating everything and everyone it touches.

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  1. Wonderful display and thanks so much for sharing this. It brings back memories. I was a young girl in the 1950s and can recall when this type of jewellery first became fashionable. I collected hair accessories and used to stop outside a high end hairdressers and gape at them in the window. When I began work I spent what was for then a LOT of money on them. Great job.