Saturday, January 28

Oh that linen

I have a confession - sometimes I avoid more elaborate pieces of vintage linens because of the time needed to prepare a presentation properly for online showing.  Well of course that, in itself, is a silly oxymoron because I remain a true believer that linens are something you just have to experience with your own eyes and hands.

As I've been working through my cupboard to get items listed, I came to two treasures for the formal dining table.  One is a beautiful Idrian lace tablecloth and napkins set and the second is a lush linen cutwork embroidery tablecloth and napkins set.  Both of these are shown fully on separate pages here.  (Tabs above).

But what I wanted to share here is the flush of memory that came flowing forth as I worked on these linens.   After finding my original inventory record from 2006 (THAT was a miracle!) I found myself completely transposed to the dining room of the woman from whom I bought the linens.  I can still see that dining room table and chairs full of amazing linens and laces that her Italian mother (and grandmother) brought here and cherished!  It was an incredible Awww feeling. Sometimes I truly think we today think we will forever see such treasures, but I'm not so sure.

Taking on the responsibility of respectfully handling someone's long time heritage keepsakes is a job I take very seriously.  There is love abundant in those threads beginning from the very day they began to be created!   Just imagine - those that planned the project ... those that physically created the project ... those that made the initial presentation to give it a home ... to those who purchased, used and loved the pieces ... and on and on it goes!   It just makes my head spin with delightful flowing warm energy!  There is a connection in family linens that binds the heart.

There was so much to purchase from that wonderful elderly lady that day I could not possibly handle the finances all in one swoop and give her the just due she should receive.  So, asking for her trust, we made an arrangement that we both would feel complete satisfaction.  That was often my practice back in my buying days - and it sure beats credit cards of today!  Spending nearly half a day with her helped me to absorb all that was being offered.  I remember it so well.

So, now I have the pieces presented at Etsy.  Take a look at the two pages here with all the photographs.  The Idrian lace especially is quite a rare find and lace lovers will enjoy the massiveness of this work!  Treat yourself ... you can have a moment in that dining room so many years ago too.

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