Wednesday, May 10

"What's in your ...closet..?"

I love the commercials that Samuel Jackson does for the credit card company where he always ends with "What's in your wallet?"   I often think of that phrase when it comes to antiquing:  what's in your closet?

A lot of "experts" would like you to think that what's in your closet is unnecessary junk and the stuff needs to get thrown out.   While there is certainly a small train of thought for that idea, perhaps the better phrase would be to give it some new energy and get it flowing!  That's what the world of working in antiques has taught me most:  keep the flow going.

As a student of metaphysical teachings, I've come to learn that the larger picture can be endless.  When the door closes and we clam up, the energy stagnates and ceases.   It's not the "stuff" in that closet that's causing the blockage.  Rather, it is one's perception of that stuff.  What has or has not happened to their own personal energy flow determines how an object is perceived.   A keystone can be misinterpreted and become a burden instead.  

I love working with small bits of "things" because each little thing has a huge story behind it.  One of my favorite examples is a piece of lace.  You can approach it as technical construction and what the object is or you can feel the hands that wrapped those threads together to create something.   What was her day like that day?  Did she live in simple abode or lushness?  Was this a labor of love or a gift to give? A necessary need that could only be fulfilled by making it?  Was it a simple act of creating just for pleasure?  Made by machine?  Where was the factory?  Who operated it?  What was the town like?

All through the years since the lace was created, how did it eventually wind up in the closet or cedar chest now?  Who passed it along?  Why did they save this particular piece?  What was their life like?

Tickling your fancy with questions from the heart can give new life to the plainest of the plain.  The process opens the curious mind and energy flows forth again.  It is a powerful cycle.  Whatever is in that quiet closet, before you think about tossing it away be sure to give it a curious thought.   You might be surprised at the riches that flow forth in all their many forms.

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