Friday, December 27

To the New Year

As I recapture some time and energy from the hustle and bustle of holidays, I always become somewhat reflective at the turn of the year.  Who doesn't!! 2013 was an amazing year for me personally in so many paths and directions.   But here in my antiques hat I just want to share how blessed I feel to still be operating my own business after 35 years and adding thousands of new friends all along this journey!  Did you ever stop and ponder just how far your own little action travels?  Even when you seemingly reach an end, there is still movement of the earth, wind and water flows! I just love the endless connections!

Photo by Sara Dellaquila
Thank you for being part of my path!  My warmest, deepest wishes to all who have visited my shops and blog for an amazing New Year!  May yours be full of wonderment, adventure and joy! 

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