Tuesday, October 5

When it's OOAK

A term we constantly use in the antiques business is OOAK - One of a Kind.  I love that concept!  Imagine having a little piece of history that
  • no one else on earth has
  • there cannot possibly be another one
  • someone's personal thought and creation is resting in your hand
  • you have a direct connection to another person through this unique object!
Pretty amazing thoughts!  In honor of the OOAK's in the world, here are a couple of fun examples of what I mean!
My Own OOAK necklace using all vintage components
One of my all time favorite beaded bags - powerful & unique design.

Update:  This little toy was just featured in an Etsy Treasury on a laundry day theme!  How fun!
Good Old Laundry Day with a Hint of Love

papa's home made toy wringer washer for little missy


  1. Wonderful job and very attractive blog!
    Love the little wringer too.

  2. "papa's home made toy wringer washer for little missy" I love that example! And I like your description of OOAK. :) Nice site.

  3. Great site...crisp, clean and fun to read..good job...I'm following...

  4. Hi...very good start to your Blog. Keep up the good work.

  5. Hi,
    Love your new blog, and i love the post "Advice from a Tree"
    Remember me? I am also know as Calico Kym, I have started way too many blogs,and tend to forget the passwords to keep them updated.
    So, I am gonna stick with my first blog, Kym's Connections at kymsconnections.blogspot.com if ya want to follow me there.

  6. Your blog looks fabulous! I love the background and especially love the OOAK section! I'm a follower!