Thursday, November 15

Inspiring Trinkets

Being a fabric freak for way so many years, there are bits and pieces in my stash that my family just doesn't seem to understand!  They have no clue as to why I cherish and store my old textile remnants!  You can mess with the basement but don't you dare touch my storage building of fabric! LOL

I often say, I'm only the temporary Keeper.  That's my job.  So recently I broke ties with a wonderful piece of wool plaid fabric.  Each time I felt it I thought of "something" to become of it but had no inclination of what that might be.   I guess because of the upcoming holiday season where red and green prevail, I knew it was time to list this great remnant.  Etsy crafters and designers have way more ideas than I do!

Well much to my delight, I received a message from the buyer and she showed me what became of some of the fabric. What a treat!  Totally unique and clever design.  And to boot, the shop, UpscaleDownhome, was chosen for Etsy Finds!  

Now that makes a Keeper's heart very happy! 

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