Thursday, May 9

Fun Networking!

Social networking is kind of a buzz word in the small business world these days.  Here is a beautiful example of how networking works among members of the Vintage Fashion Guild and Etsy shop owners!

This little pin is listed in my Etsy shop.  I love mother of pearl items from buttons to jewels.  And of course having Mother written in wire work makes it all the more special!  Pure adorable charm.

Likewise, it caught the eye of my fellow VFG member Liza of Better Dresses Vintage   Liza wrote to me expressing her interest in the photo image and asked my permission to use it.  (Perfect internet etiquette!)    Of course I was tickled, and said yes.

Through the magic of her dabbling and patience, she was able to come up with a beautiful image for her Facebook page!  Now that's what I call Social Networking 101!   Mutual sharing creates wonderful circles.  The best part is that we never really know just how far the circles reach - "it's a mystery"!

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  1. My pleasure, Barbara. Your gracious willingness to share your expertise has not gone unnoticed. x