Sunday, November 24

The Ackermann's Repository Fashion Plates

The pursuit of vintage clothing always leads to publications of the period.  To have original cataloges and books available to gaze upon is .... priceless!   My library is large and I always enjoy going to each period as I need them.  I have been fortunate to enjoy this particular collection of 5 Ackermann's Repository of Arts fashion plates for many years.  

Some are for sale thru the Etsy shop!  

What a fascinating publication it was!  Ackermann's Repository of Arts hand colored fashion plates were taken from an original copy of The Repository of Arts, Literature, Commerce, Manufactures, Fashions, and Politics, a monthly periodical published from 1809 to 1829 in London, England. (Each plate has 2 holes on the side where binding cord went through.)   It was a very thick publication and an invaluable resource into early 1800s Regency England.  The Repository's publisher, Rudolph Ackermann (1764-1834), became well known for his hand-colored engravings of women's fashions and furniture.  By the end of its run, Ackermann had published almost 1,500 plates in The Repository.

The last issue of the original Repository was published in December 1828.  The magazine that took its place, starting in the new year, was titled The Repository of Fashion and focused solely on fashion.  It was illustrated with a number of hand-colored and black-and-white plates. The last known issue of this new periodical was in September 1829.

See examples or original Ackermann’s Repositories:

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