Wednesday, September 7

Mystery Silver Jewelry

The game of identification is never ending in this business and truly is the fun part.  Well, in all honesty its one of the fun parts!  Having recently acquired a wonderful group of estate jewelry from a woman who did extensive traveling, I am all over the silver resource sites for ID help.

This amazing pin has the hallmark   S&Co  where the o is raised and has a line under it.  I've attributed it to Sydney & Co.  
 But the second marking is a little baffling:  Anchor - Lion - T
This indicates sterling silver and Birmingham - but the form of the T suggests an earlier time than the style of the pin.  Hmm?

 And here is my big mystery mark this week.  Etched into the back I can barely make out :  F I N N  .  There appears to be a small shield under it.  Over to the right a little bit looks to be Made in Norw...  The last letters are not there.

Even though small in size - I have to say this small brooch totally intrigues me.

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