Monday, September 5

Time for another time move

Change is in the air again!  That's the only constant I've found after all these years of antiques business.  Effective this week, I will no longer run the website which I started back in the 1990s era!  It has been a great keystone but it's time for new directions.

I love the blog environment, so this is where I will focus my product postings and thoughts & Tidbits.  I'll be able to show you much more and share many more events in this wonderful format.

If you have been a Link partner from my website, I hope you will continue to follow on this blog.  Onward we go!


  1. I wish you much success. I know it's not easy to make decisions like yours, especially when it comes to burning a bridge. Sometimes we change our minds again and then have to start rebuilding that bridge all over. I think blogging is an under valued tool too; so again my best for you!!
    Happy Selling!

  2. Thanks much Linda! It's really kind of exciting and all. Much more flexibility here to do what I was trying to do all those years in the older format. And I love the new interface that Blogger just came out with. So great time for changes!