Wednesday, March 27

Monroe County NY Local Law Proposal / April 9 Meeting

Attention to all antiques dealers in Monroe County NY.  The County Legislature will consider for adoption a proposed local law to regulate and license pawnbrokers, secondhand dealers and jewelry and coin exchange dealers.  According to NYS, antique dealers are registered as secondhand dealers.   Many years ago the state looked at the same kind of legislation and it created an uproar amongst antiques and collectibles business owners across the state.  Rightly so because the nightmare of enforcing such laws is worse than any problem it could potentially solve!  The legislation was tabled.

A longtime friend and business associate who is an independent shop owner has provided the following outline of information:
Coming very soon!  New fees and regulations from your County Legislators! 
Highlights of this upcoming local law to regulate Antique Dealers:

First, You will make application for and pay an annual license fee of $ 250.00 to the Sheriff’s department so they may inspect your premises. 
You will Photocopy the License or Photo ID of everyone you purchase an “article” from and a photograph of every article you purchase and send these photos immediately to the Monroe County Sheriff. (only books and clothing are exempt) 
That’s right, the Sheriff needs to know who dropped what off and what it is exactly? 
You will include serial numbers and makers marks…  
You will maintain this electronic database daily to manually enter all reportable transactions into the electronic reporting service via internet connection.
You will then store items you purchased away from public sale for no less than fourteen days. 
Noncompliance will bring fines of $ 200.00, then 1,000.00 then $ 3,000.00 for each additional offense
These new regulations make it that much harder to do business.  This  would create an unnecessary burden to anyone in the Antiques and Collectibles business.
Jill Leicht-Zulkosky

This legislative proposal has already passed through committee and will come up to the County Legislature's full session on April 9, 2013 at 6:00 pm. Please contact your county legislator or the media to voice your concerns.   In order to speak at session hearings, you must contact the county clerk prior to the meeting.

Please see the link for all the details:   The proposed law is pages 1--8.

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