Sunday, March 10

Spring Fashions

Ralph Lauren Spring Collection 2013


I have a confession:  I generally poo-pah fashion trends by the season because the styles seem to be either totally extreme for normal street wear or here-we-go-again vintage style repeats.  Well, I have to admit that is not how I feel about the fabulous Ralph Lauren Spring Collection 2013!  Black ~ White ~ Red ~ Floral, Stripes and elaborate embellishments!  Amazing classic lines with just the right twists ~ flattering fashions any body can wear - from tailored to feminine - what is not to love about his current show! 

So of course my vintage fashions head immediately turns to the eras and styles of inspiration.  Etsy abounds with great classic vintage selections for this new spring season!  There is a treasure chest to pull from! Big thanks to Vintage Fashion Guild members for the great selections shown here.




 Shop: vintage, black, red, spring, floral, stripe, suit, spring trend and VFG ~

and you will find a great selections ! 





Ralph Lauren Spring Collection 2013

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  1. What a great idea for a blog article, harkening back to RL's original inspiration for his Spring 2013 collection. Thank you!