Wednesday, October 8

Can't Resist!

My brain is saying:  you are "working" to let go of your goods and move full-blown into that mode called retirement.  My heart was saying:  GO! to the annual rummage sale for Ronald McDonald House!    So of course you know who won!

Once a year in our area of Rochester is an absolutely fantastic fundraising event for The Ronald McDonald House which houses families here in Rochester when they have seriously ill children in the hospital.  It is a pleasure to support this cause both with donations of goods and then of course shopping at the sale.  Now thru Oct 11 you can shop for an amazing treasure trove of goodies!  Honestly - I've never seen anything like it ~ anywhere!

So yesterday afternoon I went with no expectations, no urgency and 3 cloth tote bags I was hoping I could fill.  What a great way to shop!  Well, with one short trip to the Crafts Section, The Linens Section and the Boutique - bags were full and I was exhausted.   
"Yes sir Yes sir, 3 bags full....."
If I still had the walk-in store in Caledonia I'd go back today ...with a partner and a truck .... and continue on.  But alas, my heart is content with a few "new" laces, linens, sheets, a fantastic challis shawl and even a Shirley Temple 1930s little girl's dress.   Can't wait to fuss them all up and get them listed.  Stay tuned!

And if you are near Rochester NY - get in that car and head out to the old Kodak building on Elmgrove Rd.  You'll be glad you did.

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